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About Our Company

Groovy Posh Pets The very best for your  pets, they will love you for it.

about us at groovy posh pets

We’re all about the pet lifestyle.

We believe your pets deserve the best…after all, they are a part of the family.

Carefully chosen, we supply a variety of superior pet products and brands, so that pet parents can feel comfortable knowing they are providing the finest care for their furry family members.

Pets bring great joy to our lives and proven health benefits from stress relief to better immune systems. It's only fair that we nourish them with good nutritious, tasty foods and so we include an assortment of organic and natural pet treats for your cats and dogs. And of course, any groovy posh pet needs a little pampering every now and then with paw, skin and coat care, lovely bath fragrances, dental care and more.

Lounging around the home, your felines and pooches can relax in comfortable and luxurious pet beds, chaise lounges or in pet pens and even in their own doggie or cat houses.

We know that beauty begins on the inside (we’ve got that covered) but there isn’t anything wrong with looking your best on the outside. For the hip and fashionable pet parents and their equally trendy pooches we offer a selection of luxurious designer clothing: vests, scarves, tees, dresses, jumpers, jewelry and booties.

We wouldn’t be groovy posh pets if we didn’t travel in style - fabulous leashes and harnesses, stylish strollers, designer carrier bags, and quality pet crates.

There you have it, all the neccessities and the extras that make for a fabulous, tail-wagging  pet lifestyle.

At Groovy Posh Pets, we endeavour to offer you a unique selection of  good quality products and excellent customer service.